Thursday, May 7, 2009

Book updates

I've updates my current reading list page, and even added short reviews for books I finished reading. Right now this includes everything I read, including novels and history books. Most are computer related in some way, though.

The reading list is accessible from the menu to right, at the top.

First Donation

Today I donated money to an open-source project for the first time. And it felt good.

I've decided that paying for free open-source projects you use and find helpful is a good way to go. Money was more of a problem during my university days, and I think it's a nice model to use good software when you need it, and pay for it when you can.

If you're wondering, the project is Review Board, a code-review web 2.0 application. I've been playing with it at work for a couple of days, and it's really nice. A few glitches during the installation, but it's at the RC stage, which means that it's stable, but glitches are still expected. It also means it's a nice time to give the developers a kindly push in the right direction.