About this blog

Sometime around 2004 I wrote a website called Origami-Tips. I developed it in PHP, and it was pretty nice for its day and age. The site, which you can still browse on the Internet Archive presented a gallery of Origami models I folded and designed, as well as specific tips and larger articles.

Somewhere near the end of my degree in Physics and Computer Science, I started writing more technical articles. Not just about programming, but also about learning Japanese and anything else that was of interest. For this incarnation, I opened up a blog on Blogger.

In 2010 my interest in writing decayed, in part because of a wonderful full-time job and the birth of my first child.

Now, in 2014, after a second child and more time at the same incredible company, I’ve decided to start writing again.

Where are the comments?

Short answer: there are none.

If you want to discuss any of these articles, please do so on twitter.


Some of the links here are affiliate links. Buying a product linked this way may result in me getting some money. I never have affiliate links to products that I don’t personally use and recommend.

Update September 2019: I will slowly remove all affiliate links from the site and will keep it completely demonetized.

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