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Upcoming Origami Appearance

There’s an Israeli Origami Convention coming up. After all the fun I had last time, I knew that I wasn’t going to miss attending it this year as well.

2014 Summary

I only recently did a big reboot of this site. Nonetheless, a new year is upon us, which means that a yearly summary is in order.

Crease Patterns eBook

Over the coming weeks (and months), I will be writing an ebook about how to fold crease patterns, which will be freely available once it is complete. I will ...

Folding the Peacock from CP

In this article I will show how to fold the Peacock from its crease pattern, with (hopefully) some useful advice on crease-pattern folding in general given a...

New Origami Diagrams

I have uploaded many of the diagrams for models by Yehuda Peled, diagrammed by him, which were hosted on the old Origami Tips website, and who had no intern...

Origami Tips

In this page I’ll post various tips, some revived from the old Origami Tips website, some new. Common Folding Sequences

The Importance of Rats

The fourth Israeli Origami Convention ended a couple of days ago. Since the guest of honor was Eric Joisel, I though it was time to write down something I’ve...

Favorite Origami Books

Origami Design Secrets / Robert J. Lang - This book, by retired laser physicist and origami master, describes the methods developed over the last couple ...

Origami Tip - Folding a Closed Sink

This article is part of the Origami Tips series from the old Origami Tips website A closed sink is one of the more dreaded folding sequences in Origami....

Folding From Crease Patterns

This article is part of the Origami Tips series from the old Origami Tips website It was originally published on April 2004. Other than formatting, it a...