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September 2019

After many years of criticizing Facebook, I decided to stop complaining and start doing. I am now an Engineering Manager in the Community Integrity organization in Facebook, where we try to balance protecting people from harm with slippery slopes. The real world is full of unexpected edge cases, trade-offs, and challenges that are not always clear from 10,000 feet. We’re always hiring.

To help keep me grounded, I am currently reading “Mistakes Were Made (but Not by Me)” by Carol Travis. I’m pretty early in the book but I love the examples on how cognitive dissonance shapes who we are.

In case you were wondering, the Amazon link above is not an affiliate link. I’m working on removing all of the affiliate links from the site by the end of the month. I also removed all analytics from the site so that it is now 100% tracking free.

On walks to work I listen to The Drive by Dr. Peter Attia, which has led to quite the journey down the rabbit hole. I’ve been experimenting with time restricted feeding over the past year, and am committed to a quarterly 3-5 day water fast (two done so far). I also started lifting weights for the first time in my life – I’m doing Starting Strength with a coach for the next couple of months. I’m also trying to re-start a daily meditation habit, without much success so far.

Other than that, life is busy with the important things: family.