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In case you missed it, I added a Now page several months ago, and I update it every couple of months.


Historically, I was not a fan of Facebook, to put it mildly. And yet, tomorrow is my first day working at Facebook.

Children - Science Education

If you are interested in teaching children to learn scientific teaching then I have just the blog for you! My wife has started putting her Chemistry PhD and...

Seattle and Trust

The family moved to Seattle a couple of weeks ago. We have a home with wonderful landlords, the kids are in school and daycare, and I’ll be starting a new jo...

Moving to Seattle

After many years of living and working in Jerusalem, the family is ready for an adventure – we’re moving to Seattle, Washington!

Freeware Game

These days I take my backup strategy pretty seriously (locally to an external drive and encrypted on the cloud using Backblaze). This wasn’t the case in the ...

Upcoming Origami Appearance

There’s an Israeli Origami Convention coming up. After all the fun I had last time, I knew that I wasn’t going to miss attending it this year as well.