This article is part of the Origami Tips series from the old Origami Tips website

I’ve had trouble with double rabbit ears for a long time, until I realized their secret. The secret to a double rabbit ear fold is:

Double Rabbit Ear = Petal Fold

Yes, a petal fold, as in the crane. Here are some pictures to demonstrate:

  1. We start with a square folded in half along the diagonal twice to get simulate a flap. We begin the double rabbit ear fold by performing an inside-reverse fold.

  1. The result of the inside reverse fold. The trick is to now look at the model at a 90 degree angle, as shown in the picture.

  1. And this is the secret - perform a petal fold!

  1. The petal fold complete. Now we just fold in half to close the model.

  1. The finished Double Rabbit Ear fold!