This page contains books I’m currently reading and the books I recommend, though I will probably not update it too diligently (last update-30’th of December, 2011). I have also stopped buying the dead-tree variety of books, and read on my iPad. Finally, note that reading is not enough, you also have to do things.

Current Reading List

Books I Recommend

I still can’t relay say that I finished this book. I still need to find a quite afternoon to finish it. But, it is an excellent book, there is much Zen in it.

I think it’s a good book. I haven’t read many self-help book, and I generally dislike the entire genre. The 7 habits, however, is a serious book that doesn’t promise any shortcuts - it doesn’t promise easy solutions to anything, and I like that. I disagree with a couple of things, but it’s a good read.

This is book is recommended by many people, and now by myself as well. It’s a great book about managing people who get payed to think. It’s a great read even for regular programmers like myself. It’s a small book with plenty of fun stories. Highly recommended.

This is a book about designing web sites to be usable. It’s a very quick read

  • large fonts, plenty of pictures. Nonetheless, I think it’s worth the money. A day after finishing the book I happened to show my mom the blog of our honeymoon, and I immediately noticed the many flaws I made when designing the blog.

  • Kafka on the Shore / Haruki Murakami

This is the second book by Murakami-san I’ve read. Like the first one (The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle), it is quite surrealistic. I can say that I really liked it, even though I disagreed with many of the overly-simplistic pacifistic messages Murakami tried to convey. Next I need to read Norwegian Wood (done).