I ordered myself an ipod touch the other day.

I already have an old ipod shuffle, which I take with me on runs. I also use it to listen to pod casts on long car drives. I can say I’m very pleased with it.

The question is now:


Why did I order the ipod touch. The answer is that not so much for the music. It is certainly a big step up from the shuffle (which will continue to serve me when excercising), especially having my entire music library and all the podcasts available at whim. Nonetheless, I didn’t order it for the music.

I ordered it because it looks like a good portable computing device. No, I don’t intend to program on it. I intend to read ebooks on it like I did with my ancient Palm Tungsten E until it passed away. I intend to finally organize my life in some sort of calendar (maybe I’ll finally know what happens with me in the weekends). I’ll definitely look into some GTD organizer. Some Japanese learning app will definitely find its way in there. I’ll probably think of some other useful uses.

And that’s the reason I’m buying the touch - because it is extensible. I’m sure a year from now I’ll find a dozen more good uses for it.

Too bad it doesn’t have a camera…